Here is what people are saying about working with me…

When I worked with Forrest, I learned more than I bargained for. His techniques were really a wake-up call. The things I was holding on to were actually more emotional than physical. Some of the “things” were simply silly things. I got my place organized, with Forrest’s help, and when visitors came who had been there before the change actually made positive comments about how my place looked and felt. I learned why and how I held on to stuff. I was given specific strategies to use to stay organized. And some of his ideas, seem to be like, dang, why didn’t I think of that! I get to be the one who lets go of and releases “things” that no longer are useful to me, and keep my things organized in a way that looks and feels good. THANKS FORREST!

Lenora Sasteh Lashley-Walters
Brooklyn, NY

…Forrest was very good with leading a conversation right where it needed to go in order to show you where you are overlooking or plain NOT looking, and he never leaves you hanging with questions regarding how to fix things or what to do next. He has a suggestion and recommendations for almost everything you can possibly imagine. His wealth of knowledge and insight was surprising and very reassuring. When you are done with this program, you still get some check ins and updates… he doesn’t just swoop in like a super money man, tell you how to do it, then swoop off to the next person. Even if you “got it all” and are doing things by the outline you created, he is still there to check in and guide you. He has the best follow through ever…

Melissa Kellogg
Austin, TX

Mr. Huguenin is a pleasure to work with!  I’ve found him to be a great resource, possessing a wealth of knowledge.  He is professional, patient and kind.  I highly recommend his services!

Felice Jones-Lee
Bayshore, NY

…I reached out to Forrest and was impressed by how attentive he was.  He maintained consistent contact with me as I scheduled and rescheduled appointments many times during our organizing experience. He met with me and my family members, sat down with us and asked us each about our goals for our home. He considers all of the family members opinions when consulting and during the organizing project. Forrest talks you through everything and gives you homework so that you are able to maintain focus. Forrest was very encouraging and took before and after pictures of our progress.  It was like working with a home improvement therapist.  Forrest continues to be an encouragement and has kept in contact with me. I am thankful for his intervention. He is a caring man and I would highly recommend him for any family who is serious about making positive changes.”

Andrea C.
Valley Stream, NY

“We always say we are going to do something, but sometimes we do not do them.  Working with Forrest, I learned to stop putting off things, set goals and reach them.  This is for all aspects of your life- physical, emotional and financial.  He teaches you how to balance all three and become successful in each area.  Of course, this is not an overnight process, he gives you the tools and strategies that you will need for long-term growth and development. Wanting to run a marathon, he will show you how to use small steps to meet that goal.  Needing to move on from a negative relationship, he will ask you the questions that will help you release those toxic thoughts that are holding you back. Want to go on a trip or just increase your savings, Forrest will give you a financial plan that will enable you to still maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to AND increase your savings.  He is a wealth of information and a great resource when looking to move your life to the next level.  If you are not ready for change, he is not for you, but if you are serious about improving and making positive changes, he is the man for you. 

Cortney Wright-Thomas
Queens, NY


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