IMAGINE you are in a group of 10 people and someone offers $1,00,000 to the first of you who can race to the end of a track and claim it.  You size up your competition and decide your chances look pretty good.  You’d probably be excited at the prospect of such wealth and be determined to run as fast and hard as you can to beat your competitors.  You all line up on the track, hearts pounding, adrenaline rushing.  But then the benefactor pulls you out of the line and says you don’t get to run on the straight and level track.  Your course is to be different.  He points to a parallel track filled with a maze of obstacles you must avoid.  “What?  Are you kidding me?”  That’s probably what you’re thinking at that moment.  “It’s not fair” you shout!  “You’re sabotaging my chances of winning,” you protest!  Indeed he is.  Your odds of winning that $1,000,000 just went to practically zero.  Would you even bother at that point?  Probably not.

That’s a pretty extreme scenario.  Yet so many of us are sabotaging our own chances for success in the same way.  How, you might ask?  By filling our lives with clutter that takes many forms.  Maybe you have a closet that you’re afraid to open for fear of getting buried in an avalanche of junk.  Maybe it’s a room so full of excess junk that you can’t even see the floor.  Or, maybe it’s your desk at work.  Still looking for that report you swore you had the other day?  Clutter can be people too.  That person who is always sucking the life out of you with their dark view of the world.  Or maybe they are draining your energy, time and resources with their constant emergencies, most of which are due to their own poor choices.  Yes, clutter is all around us and all too often we freely invite it into our lives, even embrace it.

Filling your life with clutter is the same as freely choosing to run after $1,000,000 dollars through a maze of obstacles.  That choice is madness.  And choosing that path is choosing to sabotage your own success.  That self-sabotage manifests itself in many ways.  It can make you constantly late because you can never find what you’re looking for when you need to be somewhere at a certain time.  It can make you broke because you can’t keep track of your finances, so you pay overdraft fees and late fees on a regular basis.  It can stress you out because when you come home, that place that should be your sanctuary is nothing more than a clutter and stress-filled torture chamber.  It can block your chances of promotion at work or success in business because you can never seem to accomplish all the things you need to do in the course of a day.

I believe that we all can choose a better way.  That way is achieved by clearing clutter out of your life and taking control of your destiny.  By achieving a high level of personal organization, you immediately put yourself miles ahead of the competition.  While they get bogged down in obstacle after obstacle, you are running free and unencumbered toward that $1,000,000 prize.  While they are stressed out by life, you are sipping drinks on a sunny beach because money isn’t stressing you out anymore.  While they look on with unconcealed jealousy, you are grinning all the way to the bank because the universe is flowing your way like it never has before!

Org4Life Solutions is dedicated to giving you that better way.  Our system of personal organization covers the four main areas of your life:  Time, Space, Paper and Money management.  When you kick clutter out of your life, something amazing happens.  These four areas align in an organized way and your life becomes supercharged!  You perform at a higher level in business.  Your relationships become more peaceful.  Your home becomes a welcome sanctuary.  And your wealth grows because you become the master of your own success.

So don’t delay a minute longer.  Find us at  Take control of your life.  Find out how we can help you stop self- sabotaging and start choosing success!

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