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“We have weekly zoom meetings and he is such a trustworthy, honest person and just very conscientious about giving me the information I need about my finances and budgeting. So I just cannot speak highly enough about Forrest and what he’s been doing for me. I know that he would definitely be able to help you as well. Contact him and let him know that you want his help too!”good. THANKS FORREST! “

Laura Hanson Raneri- San Ramon, CA

The Budget Like A Boss course by Forrest Huguenin is one of the best decisions I’ve made! It’s the “go-to” tool in my financial toolbox! Forrest showed me how to create a strategy with his sinking, hill & valley and emergency funds. If you want to regain confidence and a sense of power to take control of money instead of  money controlling you then jump on the Budget Like A Boss airplane and fly like an eagle!”

Ray Coggin- Liberty, NC

His wealth of knowledge and insight was surprising and very reassuring. When you are done with this program, you still get some check ins and updates… he doesn’t just swoop in like a super money man, tell you how to do it, then swoop off to the next person. Even if you “got it all” and are doing things by the outline you created, he is still there to check in and guide you. He has the best follow through ever…

Melissa Kellogg- Austin, TX

Want to go on a trip or just increase your savings, Forrest will give you a financial plan that will enable you to still maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to AND increase your savings.  He is a wealth of information and a great resource when looking to move your life to the next level.  If you are not ready for change, he is not for you, but if you are serious about improving and making positive changes, he is the man for you. 

Cortney Brown- Queens, NY